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Doctoral Program Shadowing

MARC GatorSTAR Trainees will have the opportunity to shadow doctoral and postdoctoral students who are themselves trainees in NIH-sponsored doctoral training (“T32”) programs at UF. Shadowing activities will include participation in journal clubs and grand rounds, and attendance at┬ádissertation seminars. This experience will provide the MARC Trainees additional exposure to graduate training opportunities, and access to the faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral students in the programs.

UF T32 Programs Integrating with the MARC GatorSTAR Program

 Program Title PI/PD Project Number
Multidisciplinary Training Program in Hypertension Wood, Charles E. T32HL083810-01
Basic Microbiology and Infectious Disease Bloom, David T32AI007110-31
Research Training in Vision Science Smith, W. Clay T32EY007132-22
REnal TrAIning & reteNtion (RETAIN) Program Segal, Mark S. and Wood, Charles E. T32DK104721-03