Research Mentors

Each MARC Trainee will be matched with a UF faculty mentor, with whom the Trainee will participate in mentored research during the summer prior to their junior year, during the fall and spring semesters of their junior year, and during the fall and spring semesters of their senior year. All faculty selected for this program are principal investigators on current NIH research grants and have exceptional records of undergraduate mentoring.

MARC GatorSTAR Faculty Mentors
Name Research Area Undergrads
Current NIH Research Funding
Bloom, David C HSV latency and reactivation 20 NIH, Regulation of lytic and latent infection by HSV-1 encoded miRNAs, 01/01/12-12/31/16
Burne, Robert A Oral biofilm and disease 40 NIH, Environmental regulation of gene expression dissected by microfluidics, 12/13/13-11/30/18
de Crécy-Lagard, Valerie Bioinformatics and comparative genomics 20 NIH, Emerging Roles of Threonylcarbamoyladenosine in Translation & DNA Maintenance, 03/01/11-02/28/16
Ding, Mingzhou Information flow in neural networks 20 NIH, Acquisition and Extinction of Affective Bias in Perception: A Single Trial Approach, 04/02/12-02/28/17
Fanucci, Gail E Biophysical magnetic resonance 28 NIH, Elucidating the Molecular Mechanism of Drug Resistance in HIV-1 Protease, 04/01/2013-03/31/2017
Foster, Thomas Brain aging and cognitive decline 20 NIH, Effects of estrogen on delaying brain aging, 09/15/10 to 07/31/16
Gower, Laurie B Biopolymers 100 NIH, Dentin Structure, Demineralization and Remineralization, 07/01/2012 – 06/30/2017
Hagen, Steve Biological physics, microfluidics 25 NIH, Environmental Regulation of Gene Expression Dissected by Microfluidics, 12/13/2013 – 12/31/2018
James, Margaret Biotransformation of drugs and chemical carcinogens 160 NIH, Developmental Pharmacology of cytosolic and mitochondrial GSTZ1-1/MAA, 9/1/2012 to 5/31/2016
Keselowsky, Benjamin Directing immunological pprocesses with biomaterials 8 NIH, Biomaterial Delivery System for Type 1 Diabetes Vaccine, 2014-2018
Khoshbouei, Habibeh Molecular mechanisms of dopamine dysregulation 15 NIH, Methamphetamine and Amphetamine Differentially Affect Dopamine Transporter Activity, 11/2010-1/2016
Knackstedt, Lori Pathological response to addictive drugs 26 NIH, Glutamate Transporters and Cocaine Seeking, 7/1/2012 – 6/30/2017
Lok, Benjamin Mixed reality and virtual reality interfaces 15 NIH, Neurological Exams Teaching & Evaluation Module using Virtual Patients, 9/1/10-8/31/15
Morel, Laurence Genetic analysis of lupus susceptibility 78 NIH, Characterization of SLE-susceptibility loci on mouse chromosome 1, 05/01/2008-04/30/2018
Nixon, Sara Jo Substance abuse and addiction 15 NIH, Neurobehavioral & Emotional Deficits in Male & Female Alcoholics, 8/2013-7/2017
Peters, Jorg Computer graphics – surgery simulations 10 NIH, Safety Instruction and Competency Assessment in Laparoscopy, 3/2014-2/2018
Renne, Rolf F. Role of proteins and noncoding RNA in viral biology 8 NIH,  LANA and cellular gene expression in Kaposi’s sarcoma, 07/01/2000-03/30/2016
Setlow, Barry Disordered cognition in addiction and drugs of abuse 28 NIH, Risk taking and cocaine use: interactions, mechanisms, and therapeutic targets, 4/1/15-3/31/20
Smith, W. Clay Structure/function relationships in arrestin 45 NIH, Arrestin migration in photoreceptors: mechanism/function, 8/01/11 – 7/31/15
Someya, Shinichi Biology of aging 7 NIH, Mitochondrial Thioredoxin, Caloric restriction, and Age-related Hearing Loss, 07/01/13-06/31/17
Sumners, Colin Effects of angiotensin II in the brain 40 NIH, MIF: a novel CNS regulator of Cardiovascular Function, 05/01/2011-04/30/2016
Tan, Weihong Physiological genetics 40 NIH, Developing molecular probes for biomedical applications, 10/01/2013-9/30/2017