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The new MARC GatorSTAR program supports undergraduate students who are from an under-represented group and want to pursue a PhD degree in biomedical or behavioral science-related disciplines. This is a grant-funded training program sponsored by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences at the National Institutes of Health (NIGMS/NIH). It is not intended to support students who plan to pursue only a professional degree (such as MD, DO, DDS, DMD, or DVM), although students who plan to earn a PhD degree in combination with a professional degree will be considered.

Students who are accepted into the program become GatorSTAR Trainees for their junior and senior years, during which they receive 60% of their tuition, a stipend of $1,028 per month, and travel support. Trainees participate in programs to enhance their academic preparation and research skills, and participate in intensive research experiences with UF faculty mentors and faculty mentors at partner institutions throughout the southeast.

Use the links at left to learn more about the MARC GatorSTAR program’s objectives and goals, the program’s components, and the tuition, stipend and travel support provided to our MARC GatorSTAR Trainees.