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Extramural Research

GatorSTAR MARC trainees will spend 10 weeks in their second program summer (as rising seniors) in an “extramural” research experience at one of our partner¬†institutions or at an REU or SURF site. This allows each Trainee to¬†experience how another laboratory environment operates and thus expand their comfort with the research environment, become familiar with the graduate program at another institution, interact with a potential graduate mentor, and expand the range of each Trainee’s technical expertise upon graduation from UF. In all cases, these extramural research experiences are embedded in a T32 training program, and in some cases the students will also be integrated into established, successful undergraduate training programs with extensive activities. The MARC GatorSTAR program will provide each Trainee who travels to one of the partner institutions with travel expenses and a stipend.

Extramural programs include, but are not limited to, the following partners:

Extramural Research and Training Options for MARC GatorSTAR Trainees
Institution Program Name Director Project Number
Florida State Univ. Integrated Clinical Neuroscience Training for Translational Research Keel, Pamela 5T32MH093311-03
Florida State Univ. Chemosensory Training Program Meredith, Michael 5T32DC000044-20
Georgia Tech Research Training Program On Cell and Tissue Engineering (CTENG) Garcia, Andres 5T32GM008433-23
Georgia Tech Research Training in Cognitive Aging Rogers, Wendy 2T32AG000175-26
Georgia Tech Graduate Training for Rationally Designed, Integrative Biomaterials – GT Biomat Temenoff, Johnna 2T32EB006343-06
Medical Univ. of South Carolina Training in Alcohol Research Woodward, John 5T32AA007474-28
Morehouse School of Medicine Interdisciplinary Sleep/Clinical Cardiovascular Research Training Program Quarshie, Alexander 5T32HL103104-04
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham Training Program in Brain Tumor Biology Benveniste, Etty 5T32NS048039-07
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham Training Program in The Neurobiology of Cognition and Cognitive Disorders Sweatt, John 5T32NS061788-07
Univ. of Georgia Training in Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases Colley, Daniel 5T32AI060546-10
Univ. of Georgia Predoctoral Training Program in Genetics Hall, David 5T32GM007103-39
Univ. of Georgia Glycoscience Training Program Pierce, Michael 1T32GM107004-01