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MARC Scholar Support

Tuition, Stipend, and Travel Support

All MARC GatorSTAR Trainees are eligible to receive the following support, beginning in the summer prior to their junior year:

  • Research stipend of $1,028 per month
  • Scholarship for tuition (up to 60% of the tuition)
  • Registration, travel, housing, and meals to attend ABRCMS in the Trainee’s junior or senior year
  • Registration, travel, housing, and meals to attend a regional or national scientific meeting
  • Travel, housing, and meals to participate in an extramural summer research experience (SRE)

The financial support is intended to allow MARC GatorSTAR Trainees to devote full attention to their studies and research, and therefore Trainees must agree to not be employed in any manner during their participation in the program.